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NR640B-61924 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I

Week 1 Discussion

Important Aspects of Project Management

Reflect on projects that you have been involved in during your career or in everyday life. We have all been involved in projects such as buying a house, renting an apartment, remodeling, and so on. You may have participated in projects at work, such as workload assessment, initiating an electronic health record or other informatics-related activities. What do you feel is the most important aspect of project management to ensure a successful project and why?

MSN-ST Collaboration Café Guidelines and RubricLinks to an external site.


NR640B-61924 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I

Week 2 Discussion

Informatics Nurse Specialist Professional Role Development

The role of the Informatics Nurse Specialist (INS) is ever changing. What roles have you observed the INS play at your places of employment? As you develop in your role as an INS and project manager, what competencies do you believe that you need to strengthen to support your success in these roles?


NR640B-61924 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I

Week 3 Discussion

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Determining organizational priorities and needs for projects will be important to project success factors. How does equity and SDOH fit in with your project? Can you share a time when you were part of a team that had balanced voices to impact SDOH and a time when the voices were not representative?


NR640B-61924 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I

Week 4 Discussion

Interprofessional Collaboration in Project Planning

Standard 10 of the Nursing Informatics Scope and Standards of Practice is collaboration. In consideration of this, address each of the bullet points that follow as you consider interprofessional collaboration as it relates to project planning:

Briefly describe the key stakeholders with whom you are and will be collaborating to plan your MSN project.?

Discuss two communication and/or collaboration strategies you will use with interprofessional partners during the planning phase.?

Select one example from your practicum experiences that involved or will involve interprofessional collaboration. Explain the collaboration that took place (if it has already occurred), its purpose, and its impact on the project and on your learning. ?


NR640B-61924 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I

Week 5 Discussion

RACI – Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed

As you reflect on highly functional teams that you have been a part of or led, who was ultimately responsible for the work? Who was accountable for the work? Who were the stakeholders or subject matter experts? Who did the team need to keep informed as the work progressed? How will these role responsibilities be reflected in your project? Utilize the chart provided to identify the “who-what-when-how” for your project. Submit your chart and solicit feedback from your classmates. As you review your classmates’ charts, you may discover omissions from your own plan and can act upon those.

RACI TemplateLinks to an external site.

RACI ExemplarLinks to an external site.


NR640B-61924 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I

Week 6 Discussion


What are your operational impacts on the budget for your project? Some questions you may want to explore include: Is there additional training needed for your project to be implemented? Will supplemental employees be needed to back fill those employees in training? Will employees incur overtime for your project to be implemented? Will there be additional IT (Informational Technology) personnel that are hired temporarily to complete the build for implementation?


NR640B-61924 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I

Week 7 Discussion

Executive Summary

The purpose of an executive summary, in the context of project management, is to provide a concise update of your project. Many executives prefer brief, bulleted information on key points. Executive summaries, in this context, are used as a quick reference for the leader to provide other internal updates within an organization.

Share with the group examples and tips you have found helpful from your mentor this week in beginning to prepare your project executive summary.


NR640B-61924 Informatics Nurse Specialist Practicum I

Week 8 Discussion


Reflect on the past 7 weeks and share your insights on the practice-ready skills that you have developed thus far. Address each of the following prompts with your reflective post:

How have the skills you developed in creating the planning phase project documents helped to prepare you for practice in informatics?

How did these skills help you to meet each of the course outcomes?

Be sure to cite examples as they relate to practice readiness and course outcome attainment, not merely a listing of assignments.

CO: 1 Synthesize knowledge, apply person-centered principles and concepts from nursing-informatics and project management to develop project plans and teams. (PO 1)

CO: 2 Demonstrate effective leadership skills and advanced roles that promote successful planning, management and evaluation of projects and teams. (POs 3, 5)

CO: 3 Incorporate the standards of practice for nursing informatics that exemplify professional values and scholarship to support professional growth, leadership skills and advance personal development. (POs 4, 5)

CO: 4 Contribute to the body of nursing informatics knowledge through participation in and application of systematic utilization of evidence-based knowledge in creation of effective project plans and teams. (PO 4)

Please note that all posts for Week 8 are due by the close of class on Saturday 11:59 pm MT.

MSN-ST Collaboration Cafe Guidelines and Rubric: 50 ptsLinks to an external site.

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