What are some tips for writing a good nursing school personal statement?

Some tips for writing a good nursing school personal statement are:

  • Start with a hook: A hook is a sentence or a question that grabs the reader’s interest and makes them want to read more. You can use a statistic, a quote, a fact, a question, or an anecdote that relates to your topic. For example, if you are writing about nursing ethics, you can start with a question like “What would you do if you witnessed a colleague mistreating a patient?” or a quote like “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do” (Potter Stewart)1.
  • Introduce the topic: After the hook, you should introduce the topic of your essay and provide some context for your reader. You should briefly explain what the topic is, why it is important or relevant, and what gap or problem your study aims to address. For example, if you are writing about nursing ethics, you can introduce the topic by saying “Nursing ethics is the branch of ethics that deals with the moral principles and values that guide nursing practice. It is important for nurses to adhere to ethical standards because they have a duty to respect and protect their patients’ rights, dignity, and well-being. However, nurses often face ethical dilemmas and challenges in their work that require them to make difficult decisions.”
  • State the thesis: The thesis statement is the main argument or claim of your essay. It should be clear, concise, and specific. It should also indicate your position or perspective on the topic and how you plan to support it with evidence. For example, if you are writing about nursing ethics, you can state your thesis by saying “This essay will argue that nurses should follow a virtue-based approach to ethics rather than a rule-based or outcome-based approach. It will demonstrate that virtue ethics provides a more comprehensive and flexible framework for addressing ethical issues in nursing practice.”
  • Explain the relevance of the study: The relevance of the study is the significance or contribution of your research to the existing knowledge or practice in your field. You should explain how your study fills a gap, solves a problem, answers a question, or advances a theory in relation to your topic. You should also mention how your study benefits or impacts your target audience, such as patients, nurses, policymakers, or educators. For example, if you are writing about nursing ethics, you can explain the relevance of your study by saying “This study is relevant because it offers a new perspective on how nurses can apply virtue ethics in their practice. It also provides practical implications and recommendations for improving ethical decision-making and behavior among nurses.”
  • Outline the main points of the research: The outline of the main points of the research is a brief summary of what you will discuss in each section of your essay. It should give your reader an idea of how you will develop and support your thesis statement. You should use keywords or phrases that indicate the main idea or argument of each paragraph. For example, if you are writing about nursing ethics, you can outline the main points of your research by saying “The essay will proceed as follows: First, it will define and explain virtue ethics and its key concepts. Second, it will compare and contrast virtue ethics with other approaches to ethics, such as deontology and utilitarianism. Third, it will illustrate how virtue ethics can be applied to various ethical scenarios in nursing practice. Fourth, it will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of virtue ethics as a framework for nursing ethics. Finally, it will conclude by summarizing the main points and implications of the essay.”

These are some tips that can help you write a good nursing school personal statement. However, you may also find other strategies that work better for you. The most important thing is to find what works best for you personally and stick to it.

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